Stop Sunnyside Yards and Runaway Development in Queens

We, the residents and small business owners of Queens and the 5 boroughs, demand that all public officials and city agencies, including the DCP and the EDC, immediately halt all plans to develop Sunnyside Yards and impose a moratorium on all major new developments and rezonings. We call on you to allocate the tens of billions of dollars intended to develop the yards instead to restore public housing, repair and expand our crumbling infrastructure, save small businesses, and restore habitability for all, not just the wealthy. Further,

STOP using public money to assist the 1% in creating luxury development that displaces, gentrifies, burdens, and discriminates against all but the wealthy, especially those of middle and lower income, of color, immigrants, the poor, the unhoused, the aged, and the disabled.

START to repair and restore safe and adequate infrastructure that serves the needs of our communities, including public transit, schools, sewers, power systems, hospitals, creative space and green space.

STOP the corrupt and undemocratic decision-making process perpetuated by the EDC, DCP and REBNY that only benefits the 1%.

START to reform the land use process and create a democratic system that is truly community-driven. To begin, abolish the quasi-private EDC and eliminate the involvement of real estate in city planning.

STOP using privatization methods like RAD that provide legal ways to evict public housing residents and allow private developers to take our land.

START to repair NYCHA housing and secure permanent, fair housing for all unhoused NYC residents.

Until these demands are met, we say NO to all new development in Queens!

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